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Discovering the Path to Wellness

In 1990, following a diagnosis of cancer and a virtual "death sentence", Wanda discovered something life changing - Four Steps to Wellness. This was her battle plan for cancer. These four steps are how Wanda was able to rid her body of cancer. What she discovered is that when these four steps, or conditions, are implemented and consistently maintained, the existence of a high level of wellness and health is created, which removes and replaces any level of "non-wellness" or "dis-ease". These steps get your body in alignment with vibrant health!

*Please Note: It helps to remember that we cannot solve a problem using the same beliefs, actions and attitudes that created the problem. Something has to be changed in order to create a different outcome. We must be open to looking at things from a different perspective and be willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve a solution.

The average American diet and lifestyle supports the normal American diseases (Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer's, MS, cancer, psoriasis, AD/HD, etc.) These issues are not contagious! We cannot "catch" them from someone else. Each of these conditions need a certain environment in order to exist. The average American lifestyle of poor quality nutrition, high levels of stress, lack of exercise and feeling that we are (to varying degrees) victims of our circumstances, will fully support any of the dis-eases that are interfering with our lives.

Once we get ourselves into a position that fosters one (or all) of these conditions, the usual response is to go to a medical doctor to get a diagnosis and the MD's recommended prescription for suppression of the symptoms. There is nothing wrong with this. We need medical doctors and medicine. They can, and do, save lives every day! However, a problem occurs when we think that once the symptom is gone, we are cured. Nothing could be further from the truth! Medicine forces a symptom to go away, but what we want to do is alleviate the cause of the symptom. The symptom is actually a form of communication and is the body's signal to us that it needs help. After all, each one of us has been gifted with a body that is a self-healing organism - that's the way God designed it! So our prayer for healing was answered the second we were conceived, we just have to give the body what it needs to be healthy and get out of its way if we want to stay healthy!

Medicine should be used only temporarily to give us time, and make us more comfortable, while we make the changes necessary to eliminate the cause of our symptoms.

*Please note: You should never discontinue any prescribed medication until you have totally changed your lifestyle, food program, attitude, behavior and home environment to one that supports health rather than dis-ease. And then, you must be consistent with these changes as long as you want to remain healthy. Your medical doctor will take you off your medicine if there are no symptoms to be suppressed. Never, never, never discontinue any medication on your own & without making major changes! (This does not mean substituting herbal formulas for the medicine without changing anything else)

Herbs and Minerals

Four Steps to Wellness

These are the steps I learned through prayer and implemented in order to save my life and restore my health 24 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer and given 5 months to live.

1. Eliminate the Accumulated Toxins

This includes physical, mental, emotional & spiritual toxins. Stop allowing them into your body!

2. Provide the proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is something your body actually recognizes as food, on a cellular level.

3. Boost the immune system.

4. Pray

This includes: Getting rid of your unresolved emotional issues, touching your bare feet to the earth every day, breathing, moving and getting 30 minutes of sunlight every day, living with an attitude of gratitude, practicing loving yourself the way you are, and letting everyone else be the way they are!


Obviously, these steps are much easier said than done. But I promise you - IF you can do this consistently, you will be amazed at what you will discover about your body and yourself! If you need help or guidance with this program, we are ready, willing and able to assist you.

I have spent the last 23 years studying, taking classes, attending workshops, listening to tapes, watching videos, trying new products, and testing those products to see which ones actually improve the condition of the red and white blood cells. I have also spent a vast amount of time, energy and quite a large sum of money, only to find out that once you get past all the "fluff & hype" it all boils down to meeting the four steps that I was given through prayer 24 years ago. I have found the products and techniques that I consider to work the best to achieve wellness and use them myself consistently.


I would consider it an honor and a privilege if you decide to allow me and my staff to help you achieve your highest possible level of wellness. We will work one-on-one with you to first assess your current level of wellness, and then customize a program for you. It is ALWAYS your choice as to how far you want to go. We work with people from all over the United States regularly, and some people from other countries occasionally (If you do not speak english, you will need to provide a translator).

Although we primarily work with clients trying desperately to regain their health, we also work with many people that are basically healthy and want to make sure they stay that way. Whatever your level of health, we look forward to meeting you and working with you in the near future. Even if you do not decide to call on us for help, PLEASE consider implementing the Four Steps listed above to the best of your ability and using the best products you can find. I truly believe you will be very happy with the results!

Four Steps of Wellness

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