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Well Being - The Return to the Pattern of Wholeness

"We choose life or death every time we open our mouth - with the foods we eat and the words we speak." - Wanda Boone

Wanda's Story

Wanda's Center for Well Being is a wellness center located in Garner, North Carolina that focuses on bringing health to the body through all-natural methods. We offer a variety of services and classes that take you through the steps needed to live a healthy and vibrant life! Wanda Boone learned firsthand just what a poor diet, a less than positive attitude and busy, stressful lifestyle can do to your health! She developed breast, ovarian & uterine cancer in 1990 and received a prognosis of "death in 5 months". Rather than going with the recommended conventional medical treatment, she chose to look for alternative ways to regain her health. After some very dramatic changes in her lifestyle, diet and attitude, she was successful in her endeavor and was able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In fact she has enjoyed vibrant health since her brush with death. She has "walked through the fire" herself and has personal knowledge of just how difficult (and rewarding) a total life transformation can be.

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"Wow! what an eye-opening experience! Your perspective of the ability of the body to heal is so basic and real and 'common sense' that I think the medical system has just totally missed the whole thing (trying to make it all complicated and the like...). When you told me that you know that you know the body can heal itself, I could actually feel it. You gave me hope and confidence. When you told me what changes I could make & how to make them, you made me feel like I had some I was no longer a victim of my illness. How in the world do I thank you for that? My doctor has been baffled by my improvement & I have every intention of blowing his mind with a full recovery. I tell everyone I meet about you and the wonderful 'work' you do. God bless you."


SLD - Raleigh, NC

"It has only been four days since I made the changes you suggested (strongly) can it be possible for me to feel this much better so quickly? I am pleasantly surprised. I do still want my junk food but after looking at what that junk was doing to my blood, I think I will be able to stay away from it. Thank you for taking so much time to explain what was going on with me and how I was causing my symptoms by making the choices I was making. With your help, I can see my way out of this pit! I look forward to working on the emotional issues in the near future. Thank God for you Wanda, and may you be blessed all the days of your life." 


JJM - Richmond, VA

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